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Crochet blankets and patterns

My name is Sara. I live in a small town in the interior of Argentina, away from the noise and close to the green of nature.

I make afghans passionately. Crochet allows me to play with colors and forms, and materialize the compositions that I imagine.

The idea of my work is to preserve the warmth, the simplicity and the beauty of something such traditional as crocheting is; while adding a creative and personal “touch” to it in order to obtain an original and different product.

I take great care of the quality and details of all my work.

My aspiration is to design blankets that someone may possess, take care and love during a whole lifetime, in the same way that I felt for the ones I crocheted as a little girl and I still keep.

Interview: Hispanic Heritage Month 2012 Interview Series: Sara Palacios from Arrorró en Colores.


I offer a variety of designs and different color combinations for you to choose. Lot of moms prefer pastels, but babies are attracted to bright and vibrant colors, high contrasts and complex patterns.

I imagine that while you keep your babies warm with one of these blankets, and you sing them a lullaby, they will get to love their blankets as much as they love their teddy bears.

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Thanks for your interest!

Colorful Lullabies